Mar 24, 2016

Foreign recruiting company may send fax of demand letter mentioning number of job workers required, job specification, contract conditions specifying working hours/days a week and facilities provided (if any). After receiving these details, we conform the demand and then employment company should provide following original documents.

  • Demand Letter :-
  • All overseas employers' demand letter written on company's letter head should mention all the details of the vacancy. Power of Attorney should be in the name of Relation Employment Service Pvt. Ltd.
  • Power of Attorney :-
  • Relation Employment Service Pvt. Ltd. written on the employer company's letter head.
  • Employment Contract :-
  • An employment contract paper (between employer and employee) should mention wage, working hour and all the benefits to be provided (like food, accommodation, leave, medical facilities etc).
  • Contract Paper (Between employer and Relation Employment) :-
  • A contract regarding to manpower supply from Nepal between employer and Relation Employment Service Pvt. Ltd. should also be provided.
  • Approval Letter (Only for Malaysia) :-
  • Approval letter obtained from the ministry of home affairs of Malaysia should be written in English and attested by Notary public.
  • Consular Letter (Only for Saudi Arabia) :-
  • This letter is obtained from Saudi consular office.