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Relation Employment Service Pvt. Ltd. is a private overseas employment agency (Regd No. 73758/066/067 and Lic No. 906/067/068) which is registered in the Office of the company registrar under the company act 2006 AD. and licensed under the foreign employment act 2064 B.S.,Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security..

This company has been established with propose of serving Nepalese worker going for foreign employment. To cut the matter short, we are committed manpower agency who has been providing skilled, semi- skilled and unskilled Nepalese manpower to different part of the world such as South East Asia, The Middle East.

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I can ensure that the staff and all the people related with this organization are highly skilled and proficient in placing the right man at the right place, including the selection of professionals, technicians, skilled, semi-skilled as well as unskilled workers.

Mahesh Shrestha
Relation Employment Service Pvt. Ltd.

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